Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All About This Kinder Teacher Linky Party

Hi Everyone!

I am back from my beautiful honeymoon in Aruba and have hit the ground running this week. The end of July is typically when I feel ready to prep hard for the coming year. Today, I’m linking up with the fabulous members of Kinder Tribe. Click on the image below to learn more and to find out how you can join in on the fun! I hope you’ll keep scrolling for a little background on this kinder teacher.

That’s all I have for now!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's Been A WEEK, So Here's a Sale

How does the saying go? The best laid plans... I began last week with the best intentions. I had my blog posts scheduled and outlined. I had new number posters to upload to my store. I outlined a completely new classroom management product and I was ready to hit the ground running and, for the first half of the week, I did.

It all seemed to fall apart last Thursday. Seven months ago, my husband and I decided to adopt two little kittens. Sisters named Luna and Noel. They were only a month old at the time and the days waiting for them to weigh enough to come home dragged on. We finally brought them home in January and since then, everything has been smooth sailing with them. 

That is…until Thursday. After waking up from an unusually late sleep, my good mood was immediately gone when my husband told me something was wrong with Luna. One quick look at her confirmed that there was definitely something wrong. Her eye was completely cloudy and her pupil wouldn’t dilate. I was baffled by how quickly she seemed to get sick. She was totally fine when I went to bed the night before. I immediately called the vet and brought her in that afternoon. It turns out she must have fallen or played a bit too roughly with her sister and had some blunt force trauma to her eye and somehow managed to get an infection from it.

My poor little fur baby had a fever and was not at all herself, but we saw the vet, got two antibiotics and that’s the end of the story, right? Ha, of course not! My adorable eight month kitten needed those antibiotics FIVE times a day! Thank goodness for summer vacation and hubs’ ability to work from home or I don’t know how we would have done it. Luckily, we started seeing some improvement right away and she seemed to be getting better. This is her on Saturday, after only two days of medication. 

Fast forward to a couple of nights ago, we notice that her eye isn’t dilating properly again. I called the vet and he prescribed more antibiotics. Another seven days of five doses of antibiotics a day. The possibility has been there all along that she would need a visit to the ophthalmologist too. Well, we are leaving for our honeymoon very early Sunday morning and the kittens will be staying with my brother who does not have a flexible work schedule or extra body to help wrangle Luna in to take her medicine. It might sound completely crazy, but I need answers before we leave or I just know I’ll be worrying the entire time. So, today we are off to the ophthalmologist. With a little more than two days until we leave for Aruba. Not a thing has been packed, but it will get done.

Anyway, if you stuck through this incredibly long story to see where the sale part of the title comes in, here it comes. Five of my best selling products in my TPT store will be on sale for only one dollar through Saturday.

You can also enter below for a chance to win my top selling product, my Oral Language Prompts. These are great prompts to get your littles talking, sharing, and justifying their ideas. I use these during every single morning meeting and my kids just can't get enough!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Tips! Let's Have Fun Linky

Happy Tuesday! The weather in NJ is hot and sticky today, so I’m staying indoors and being productive buying all the school supplies from Target. I know, I know! Its way too soon, but school supplies are a hot commodity around here and if you don’t act fast (and I mean within 48 hours of the products being set) you don’t get anything. 

As part of Brigid from Bits of First Grade’s link up for Vegas week, I will be sharing some tips. This is quite comical for me since I’m very new to this whole world and I’ve been blogging for less than two weeks, but I have already learned a lot and what kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t share? J

TPT: Become a Premium Seller right away! When I first started posting products on TPT, I was excited just to see things sell. My profits were, and still are, very modest but I would still beam every time an email popped up with a “product sold” message. I couldn’t justify spending money to upgrade my membership without making steady money. What I didn’t realize then is just how quickly you make up the money you spend on upgrading your status...even if you only sell one 5 dollar product a week. Sometimes you need to spend money to make money and I have found that to be true for me in setting up my TPT store for success.

Blog: Wait until you are ready! Really, truly ready. So here’s a little confession for you, I’ve tried starting a blog two times before this. The first time was my first year of teaching. I was a new graduate with an hour and a half commute each way and a brand new teaching position that hadn’t existed before in my school. I thought a blog would be a way to document my adventures, but it was just daunting. Two years later, when I felt more settled into teaching, I tried again. This time, I was beginning a new job in a new district and planning a wedding. I couldn’t commit the time and energy that my blog deserved and I ended up feeling worse trying to keep up. Fast forward another year, I am finally ready. Ready to devote the time and resources needed for a *hopefully* successful blog.
Classroom: Save your lunch break for you. When I first started teaching, someone gave me this advice. I honestly thought the person was crazy. How could I give up precious alone time in my classroom? It was much easier to eat lunch while doing a million other things. Except...it’s not. Head into work early or stay late, work like a horse during your prep or take work home, but give yourself 30 minutes to eat, use the bathroom and be human. You will be a better teacher for it.

Social Media: Get involved! Again, I am in the beginning stages of turning my selling “hobby” into a business, but I have seen so much success as I’ve ventured into social media. You might be thinking you don’t have much to offer to those who are achieving wild success, but if you don’t put yourself out there you’ll never know. It might be scary for someone like me who is on the shy side, but I promise it’s worth it!

So there you have it, my tips as a relatively new teacher and a brand new teacherpreneur. What tips/advice do you have for new teachers and sellers?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Let's Gamble and Have Some Fun! Monday Edition

Hi Everyone! It’s been a busy few days, celebrating the 4th with friends and family! Now it’s time to get back in to the swing of things just in time for Vegas Week and while I would love to be there, I’m going to have a bit of Vegas themed fun at home. This week, I will be linking up with Brigid from Bits of First Grade. Each day, I’ll be posting something new. Here’s what you have to look forward to for the week...

Are you looking for a way to celebrate from afar? Be sure to link up and to check back throughout the week for new posts and products! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

Hi All! I’m finding it so hard to believe that it is July already! In honor of the first full month of summer vacation, I’m linking up with Farley from  Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her Currently link up. Read all about what I’m up to!

Listening- When the show first started, I was a huge Army Wives fan. After a couple of seasons, my teenage interests got the best of me and all I watched was reality TV. With Hubs gone for the night, I decided to start season one all over again on Netflix.

Loving- You guys! Today was the first day where I actually sat down at the computer and got things done. *Sooo* many things. I’m hoping to keep it up and bring you some new products soon!

Thinking- It usually takes me all of half a day after summer vacation starts to start planning for the next school year. I thought I loved my classroom layout last year until I started moving things just to play around. Now I’m thinking about the space, sketching some maps, and trying to come up with some possible layout ideas.

Wanting- In the last four months, we have had five leaks in our house. Five! Luckily, only one caused serious damage. Two of those leaks have been from the washing machine and now we’re waiting on another part to hopefully fix the machine once and for all. Thank goodness for my amazing mom who took three loads of our laundry to her house to do. Love you, Momma!

Needing- I love crafting! I find it so therapeutic and fun. During the school year, it’s hard to find time for all the projects I want to complete. Now that it’s summer, a new wreath for the front door is in order. The bow on this one has just about had all it can take!

All Star- While I enjoy cooking, baking is my true love. My Kitchen Aid mixer is one of my most prized possessions...after my home laminator of course J While I have a few “go to” recipes, my oatmeal raisin cookies are the best!

So, those are my thoughts at the moment. Have you started tackling your summer to do list or are you easing into it like me? Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new post and a freebie!